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5 Powerful Preschool Books for Teachers: Nurturing Emotional Self-Regulation in Kids

Updated: Oct 31

Teaching preschoolers about self-regulation of emotions is an important part of their early development. Teachers play a pivotal role in helping young children understand and manage their feelings. Books provide teachers with an invaluable resource for teaching preschoolers about how to identify their feelings

A group of diverse preschool children sits attentively on a colorful rug in a classroom filled with art and educational supplies. They listen closely as an elder teacher, dressed in a vibrant yellow shirt, shares a story from a "Preschool Book for Teachers." The room is cozy and inviting, with various art pieces, storage boxes, and a bookshelf in the background. The children's expressions are filled with curiosity and engagement as they immerse themselves in the story.
"Captivated preschoolers: Storytime with their favorite teacher's book."

At Maleku’s Gift, we've compiled a list of five powerful books specifically tailored for teachers working with preschoolers. We have found these books to be both informational and engaging for this particular age group and we hope that you will see them as valuable tools when helping your students learn about their emotions and how to self-regulate.

Each preschool book is unique and opens up the opportunity to talk about how your children experience feelings and what things they might associate with certain emotions. Any time we can talk about feelings, we can also work on appropriate reactions and coping strategies.

"The Feelings Book" by Todd Parr:

  • Filled with lots of familiar settings and possibilities, "The Feelings Book" by Todd Parr is a delightful and colorful resource that introduces preschoolers to a wide range of emotions. This simple book helps children identify different feelings.

  • It encourages open conversations about emotions and teaches strategies for expressing and coping with them in a healthy way. Todd Parr's vibrant art style is sure to captivate your preschoolers' attention while imparting valuable lessons about self-regulation.

"When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry" by Molly Bang:

  • This is a great little book with big visuals for small children. Children will understand what Sophie is feeling "When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry.” Molly Bang's story of Sophie's emotional journey allows teachers to discuss the feelings of anger and the importance of self-regulation with preschoolers.

  • This book is a great starting point for delving into how to calm down and make positive choices when faced with strong emotions. It also opens up opportunities to talk about reconnecting with nature to help us feel calm.

"The Way I Feel" by Janan Cain:

  • This one is a beautifully illustrated book that captures lots of feelings with color and faces and context. Preschoolers can start to identify and articulate their emotions. This book goes beyond the basics and dives into a wide range of feelings, making it an ideal resource for expanding emotional vocabulary.

  • Not only can we talk about the various feelings and when children might have been in the same position as some of the children in the book, but this imaginative book can help us talk about coping strategies and how to deal with various emotions in a constructive manner.

"My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss:

  • Dr. Seuss, known for his whimsical and imaginative stories, tackles the topic of emotions in "My Many Colored Days." This book connects emotions with colors and animals, making it engaging and relatable for young children. This is a great facilitator for talking about feelings and how we can relate them to different colors.

  • Use this book to have children recall a time when they felt a certain way. Ask them to close their eyes and try to imagine what that feeling looks like - what color it might be. Learning about emotions and building them out with colors and visuals help foster a deeper understanding of their emotional experiences.

"The Lemonade Hurricane" by Licia Morelli:

  • "The Lemonade Hurricane" is a wonderful resource for introducing preschoolers to the concept of mindfulness and emotional self-regulation. Young children might relate to Henry and his sometimes wild behavior, or they may feel more like Emma, his big sister who appreciates calm and quiet.

  • With his big sister’s help, Henry learns how to pause and be still. Teachers can use this book to introduce simple mindfulness exercises to preschoolers, helping them develop strategies for calming themselves and finding inner peace. There are additional tips in the back of the book.

For preschoolers who are just beginning to recognize their emotions, learning how to process and manage them is a powerful tool. These five books are fantastic resources for helping young learners understand, express, and manage their feelings.

We hope that you will find ways in which to integrate some of these books into your curriculum. You will find that you can create a supportive and nurturing environment in your classroom that fosters emotional intelligence in your growing preschoolers.

The links provided will take you to Amazon for different ways in which to purchase these titles. Maleku’s Gift does not receive any compensation for suggesting these titles or providing the links.

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