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Simple Breathing Exercises for Children


The more we practice breathing, the better it can help regulate our big feelings and emotions. 

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Join us as we sit down with Jason Carter on Inside South Florida to talk about children's breathwork and Maleku's Gift. For more of our recent television appearances check out the News and Events section.



Our mission is to give breathing tools to children to empower them. The breath is yours to use anytime. The more we practice utilizing this tool, the better it can help with managing emotions for kids. We believe all children can benefit from this knowledge. We created Maleku and her story to help facilitate breathing exercises for children and to illustrate the importance of connecting with nature to restore our energy and focus.


This story will bring about conversations with kids about screen time and technology and help facilitate a fun way to teach the importance of breathwork. I can’t wait to share it with my own kids. 

Magen C., M.Ed. Fitness Expert

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Kids Reading Outdoors connecting with nature and smiling

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