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Introduce Your Child to the Magic 
of Mindful Breathing

The Art of the Conscious Breath

Join Maleku  

The Monkey 

on Her Exciting 

World Journey.

Empower your children’s future with the simple art of the conscious breath. Help them create a foundation for a lifetime of emotional balance and resilience.

Once Upon a Time…

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A monkey named Maleku found a smartphone.Intrigued by the world inside the phone, she sets to travel the world, meeting new friends and exploring unfamiliar places. Along the way, she navigates a roller coaster relationship with the phone becoming less connected to it and more connected to her heart and the power of her own breath.

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Discover Breathing Exercises within the story.

Hummed like the bee until your ears stopped ringing and your hands felt lighter. 

Our Readers Say

“This story will bring about conversations with kids about screen time and technology and help facilitate a fun way to teach the importance of breathwork. I can’t wait to share it with my own kids.”

Magen C., M.Ed. Fitness Expert 

The Story Behind Maleku’s Gift

Jill attended a breathwork workshop Patricia facilitated several years ago when she first movedto Costa Rica. Friends ever since, they have collaborated on projects over the years, but this is their first children’s book.

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